Each copy of Tactico comes with a real Captain's Armband. Try and obtain the armband through skill or luck and give yourself a huge advantage over the other players.

But once you get it you will become a target for everyone else.


Tactico is the first boardgame to introduce a football shaped die. Every roll could spell success or disaster for your team. You can win a match or send half your team to hospital.

Be careful!


1. Tactico - Football Edition

Traditional football board games use trivia as their central element, not Tactico! Tactico is the football game for real football fans. Why?  Because, most people love the thrill of the sport, not statistics!

Tactico recreates all the action, excitement, ups and downs of a football championship without complex rules. Go head-to-head with a single opponent or challenge the entire family.

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2. Tactico - Cricket Edition

2009 - what a year for British sport. The Ashes returned to English soil in nail biting style. Our passion for the more gentlemanly sport of cricket is on the rise and Tactico is set to meet that demand with a special edition that will have you hitting sixes and smashing stumps.


3. Tactico - Basketball Edition

Like the rest of the Tactico Sport Family Tactico Basketball brings its own element of fun to a team sport. 

Like basketball its fast, its furious and above all its in your face. Dribble your way up and down the court, move your opponents to the side line and then just as the bell rings slam dunk your way to the champions cup. The rivalry just went to a whole new level.


4. Tactico - Branded Editions

As well as our planned editions that will cover a wide range of sports and events, Tactico is keen to make the Sport Survival experience even more personal and closer to home. In the near future you will be able to buy specialised branded versions taylored for your favourite local or international team.

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