"You are the boss...a magnificent board game.."

          - SPORT MAGAZINE

"The game for real footy fans... Amazing tactical football game.."

          - MATCH OF THE DAY

"Take control of your team.. Thrilling board game.."

          - MATCH MAGAZINE

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Tactico Football the footy game for everyone!



Tactico is a brand new type of boardgame that has been crafted to capture the excitement, drama and outright fun of team sports and bring them directly into your living room.

Tactico Football Edition is the first in this amazing family to be released in the UK!

Our 'Sport Survival' gameplay makes Tactico the first family game to recreate the passion and rivalry that is familiar to football fans around the world and generate a truly exciting experience that you can play with friends and family.

  • TACTICO IS NOT a trivia game, there aren't any boring statistics and it does not require any special gaming skills
  • TACTICO IS adventure, discovery and hilarity all wrapped into one game.
  • TACTICO IS simple yet deep, fun and fast-paced with everchanging levels of excitement until the nailbiting end.





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